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High-voltage line can be installed under the solar street light it?

Time:2018-03-01 Source:admin Views:57

Many of my friends in the installation of solar street lights, always encounter a more special situation: High-voltage line can be installed under the solar street light it? In general, we should try to avoid loading lights in the high-voltage line,
First, the air humidity is relatively large, especially to reach more than 60%, the panels are generally aluminum alloy frame, prone to high voltage power generation, triggering a fire.
Second, the solar panels need to fully receive the sunlight for better power generation and shielding of the high-voltage lines, resulting in a sharp decrease in the power generation of the solar panels, resulting in insufficient system configuration. In the long run, this results in the battery being fed and the solar street lights can not be lit up.
Third, the installation of high-voltage line there is the risk of construction, high voltage.
If you really can not avoid the high-voltage line lighting, then try to avoid the vertical line of high-pressure line lights, high voltage line from the battery to more than 5 meters.