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LED lighting street lamp industry has what kind of development?

Time:2018-03-01 Source:admin Views:72

There is no doubt that LED lighting street lamps have swept the world, traditional light source products such as energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, incandescent lamps is "retreat." At the same time, the price of raw materials, the impact of environmental protection, the overall price of LED lighting street lamps will be "steady rise", "price war" fiercer than in the past weaker. Under such circumstances, some "technological revolutions" may be stimulated. Although this technology may not necessarily be a mature technology, the price of LED lighting street lamps will still be affected.
As more powerful enterprises in their efforts to create "integrated" brand, outdoor LED lights are also an important part of their lighting stores, it directly affects the business of many small and medium enterprises. LED street lamp style, material innovation has reached a certain stage of maturity, for which enterprises in the creative competition will be more intense.
In 2017, "original lighting" and "OEM lighting" will go hand in hand, achieving rapid development. Those who do not have their own characteristics of the lighting business, can only step by step, pick up their teeth. Overall, no matter how changing the LED lighting street industry, how to survive the fittest, only those calm insight, optimistic face, the courage to challenge businesses and businesses to seize the opportunity to win the future.