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53 solar street lights illuminate the road to the village of Dongzhuang, Shaanxi Province

Time:2018-03-01 Source:admin Views:288

Dongzhuang Village is 70 kilometers away from Zhen"an County. It is located in a remote area. In the relocation of five groups of immigrants in Dongzhuang Village, 53 newly installed solar street lights stand on both sides of the village road. Some villagers dance happily square dance in the square. There are The fitness exercise on the side, the blooming light has become a beautiful landscape. Grandpa Sun, who is in his 60s, said: "Thanks to the party"s good policy, we now have the same rural areas as the city and no night road at night."
Red Austin Township 3 years to install more than 360 solar lights
In the course of building a new countryside, night travel hardly became one of the most intense problems the masses reflected. To effectively solve this problem, Hongdian County has been actively seeking the special subsidies for the new rural construction task force since 2013. Over the three years since its establishment, Financing more than 2.5 million installed 366 solar street lights, covering the township of 4 administrative villages 13 villagers group, benefiting the masses of 7173 people. Changed the villagers go out at night flashlight to leave the situation, greatly improving the living environment of villagers.